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Automation software for water and waste water management

Sustainable supply and treatment for cities and municipalities

Ensuring water supply, waste water management, and drinking water treatment for a wide area is an essential service provided by cities and municipalities. Efficient resource management is required in order to reduce energy and water consumption, and prevent water loss.


The zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA helps optimize area-wide water supply, waste water management, and drinking water treatment for both cities and regions. From pipelines and distributed sewage treatment facilities to pumping stations, zenon can take on the management of the entire processes in a smarter way. The software platform provides assistance in monitoring the distribution network, and predicting unexpected peaks in water consumption and maintenance requirements.



zenon for reliable smart city water solutions

Providing a continuous supply of water to residents requires water distribution and flow rates to be managed with precision. zenon’s trend analysis, helps to predict exceptional peaks in water consumption and avoid supply shortage. Maintenance personnel can work from a central control room or manage operations from any location using the web-based interface.


Fast troubleshoot in the event of a malfunction

The central alarm administration function notifies your employees via email, SMS, or text-to-speech call in the event of a problem. In addition, zenon provides smart recommendations for action, enabling leaks to be located and repaired quickly.


Predictive maintenance

The predictive analytics function identifies facility components that are at risk of failure. This information allows you to make condition-based maintenance repairs that will prevent unexpected problems and avoid breakdowns in water supply and waste water networks in the future.


Efficient monitoring and control of networks 

Geographical conditions often make it difficult to monitor and control the water distribution and waste water networks. zenon provides a clear graphical display of the entire network and simultaneously presents summarized information. Detailed views can be provided to the level of individual facility components. Real-time data can be displayed based on individual needs and provide immediate information about the distribution network. The data can also be accessed online via the web-based interface. The various facilities can be monitored and controlled from any location – using tablets and smartphones via secure connections.


Standardized operating and control 

Operators often use different software for each individual location. In the event that employees move from one facility to another, they must familiarize themselves with the local system to be able to operate it. zenon can help fill the gaps, as it enables standardized operating and control for an efficient operation. This can reduce the time and cost of your projects.


Connectivity for old and new equipment

Plan new facilities in an intelligent way during the concept stage with the help of zenon. The zenon Software Platform allows you to control pumps, shut-off systems, agitators, water treatment systems, and filter systems efficiently. This level of control helps you to make intelligent decisions during the planning stage of your new facility.


zenon’s connectivity also allows you to utilize the infrastructure of old facilities or distribution networks without the need for a complete renovation. The software platform supports the seamless integration of existing infrastructure into a new central facility or a distribution network control system.


Complete Documentation 

Documentation based on paper checklists and reports is time-consuming and error-prone. zenon features intelligent functions for automatic, paperless documentation. Process data is recorded with a time stamp and archived in compliance with legal requirements. In addition, you can benefit from reports, lists, and trend analyses that deliver valuable operational insights.


COPA-DATA: Delivering smart solutions in water and waste water management

From monitoring operations to making informed decisions, zenon supports every aspect of today’s water and waste management industry through the seamless connection, precise monitoring, and optimization of data from your daily operations. To learn more about COPA-DATA and how zenon can help increase the value, capabilities, and security of your organization, contact us today.


Water and Waste Water Management

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