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The long path to modern automated engineering

The history of automated engineering dates back to the 1940s where it was used for military and space projects. System theories and models were developed as early as the 1950s in order to map out and automate complex industrial processes and infrastructures such as metropolitan areas. It took until the 1990s to come up with a name for this development: systems engineering was born.

Systems Engineering Klaus Mainzer

IU Magazine Article

Systems Engineering Klaus Mainzer

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An important part of Industry 4.0

Buzzwords such as the internet of things, industrial internet and cyber-physical systems are more than hype and will determine the industry’s future. Today, modern automation faces more complex challenges than ever before, and bringing in automated engineering is one of the main ways to solve this.


In his article, Prof. Klaus Mainzer of the Technische Universität München (TUM) takes us on a fascinating journey from the beginnings of automated engineering into its future.