Using zenon as a production control center for automotive manufacturing


Control technology is vital to automotive manufacturing operations that involve various processes, machines and production locations. With the zenon Software Platform, you can collect accurate data, gain insight into your plant and make informed decisions about your processes.

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Why do automotive operations need production control?


Automotive operations have several goals to consider. While they may have tight deadlines to meet customer demands, they also want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) and improve accuracy for an improved vehicle product. Car manufacturing also has to consider government regulations regarding carbon dioxide production. With so many aspects to assess in the automotive manufacturing process, production control is the key.


The benefits of zenon as automotive production control technology


COPA-DATA's software platform, zenon, is an ideal production control center for car manufacturers. With several features designed to address the many facets of your operation, you can maintain an organized system and update your processes for improved results. The benefits of zenon include:


  • Transparent production process: The key to an automotive manufacturing industrial control system is complete transparency into every system involved, from Bodyshop to the paint shop. zenon gives operators total visibility with process visualization. Centralized plant monitoring allows users to view individual machines, production locations or the entire facility to see the production process in full.
  • Minimized probability of error: zenon enables you to control your plant via rules and sequences. Control abilities ensure machines operate correctly and reduce errors, which is essential for tight tolerances in vehicle production. The platform also collects data continuously for analysis and forecasting opportunities. This process can detect faults in your system and present efficiency optimization opportunities.
  • KPI and energy data reporting: zenon compiles data to convey valuable information for your production process. View key performance indicators (KPIs) and energy data to make informed decisions about your production process. Keep up with government regulations in the automotive industry by regulating energy usage and ensuring efficiency at every step.
  • Saved money and resources: With over 300 integrated drivers, zenon helps you save money and resources on enhancing your vehicle manufacturing system. Receive everything you need from a single system. With the high investment required for automotive components, saving money is vital to your operation's success.
  • Uniform data for accuracy and consistency: As your systems run, zenon collects accurate data in real-time. Use this data to make informed decisions about your processes and expect consistent data delivery for every procedure. You can access Historian data to see changes over time in production stages like detailing or finishing.
  • Centralized access to data: Typically, operational data is not stored centrally, but zenon keeps information in one place for process optimization. The platform systematically collects, processes, and transfers data to other systems as needed. Display all relevant information for your plant in one place and make comparisons with ease. Tap into this view for one production location or the entire plant.



Choose zenon as a production control center for automotive manufacturers


Manufacturing control systems are essential to vehicle manufacturing for reducing costs, meeting demand and staying compliant. zenon centralizes accurate data in a single environment for easy access and comparison as needed. This single solution connects you to every system and optimizes your processes for the best results.

COPA-DATA has been in the industry since 1987, and zenon is proof of our dedication to automation innovation. We constantly work to improve our solution and introduce the best functions for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.