Environmentally friendly automotive production with zenon

As reducing CO2 emissions becomes a common goal across the manufacturing industry, automotive companies must rise to meet the demand. With zenon Software PI Platform, you can monitor machine performance and make informed decisions about green initiatives. Stay connected to every corner of your plant and introduce environmentally friendly production.


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Energy Data Management with zenon in Vehicle Production

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The challenges of environmentally friendly production


Eco-friendly manufacturing is a goal for many modern operations, but it comes with challenges. Companies have to consider:

  • Meeting demand: With a heightened focus on saving the planet, the world looks to manufacturing operations to see how they'll do their part. The automotive sector is a massive energy consumer and CO2 producer, and consumers demand more eco-friendly products.
  • Staying competitive: As competitors strive to reduce manufacturing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, companies must remain competitive. With consumers looking for eco-friendly manufacturers, falling behind on these initiatives can lead to loss of business.
  • Complying with regulations: Governments and other regulatory bodies continue to require reduced energy consumption. These standards make environmentally friendly production a must for compliance.
  • Confronting cost concerns: Balancing associated costs and eco-friendly practices can be challenging. Companies need to find ways to enact green initiatives without driving extensive losses.



The benefits of zenon for eco-friendly manufacturing


COPA-DATA's Software Platform zenon prepares automotive manufacturers for green initiatives. This platform connects you to every machine in your plant and gathers valuable data that contributes to your energy efficiency.


With zenon, you can:

  • Reduce costs: With zenon supporting energy efficiency, you can reduce consumption and save on the associated costs. zenon also supports preventive maintenance alerts. Save costs on the slow-downs that come with under-maintained machines and reduce the expenses associated with total breakdowns.
  • Meet energy standards: Regulations like ISO 50001 push for specific energy consumption and practices to protect the environment. These standards expand as more regulatory bodies recognize the need to be environmentally friendly, so automotive manufacturers must be ready to adapt and reduce manufacturing CO2 emissions as standards demand.
  • Collect data across the plant: zenon Historian records usage data from machines, sensors and systems across your facility. Access energy usage metrics to determine how your machinery measures up to energy efficiency goals. All data is archived in secure storage. Reference Historian metrics over time to view improvements during green initiatives and ensure your strategy works.
  • Receive accurate reports: zenon's accuracy ensures energy consumption metrics are true to every machine and system. This accuracy means operation leaders can make informed decisions about energy usage and guide the company to an eco-friendly future.
  • Identify ways to improve: Historian also makes it possible to extract information like peak times for energy usage. You may also identify machines with consistently out-of-bounds energy consumption. Pinpointing these issues can lead you to solutions, whether you replace an old machine for more efficient production or remind workers to power down equipment when it's not in use.
  • Find ways to generate energy yourself: Historian data reveals how much energy each area of your plant needs. With this data, you may find areas where you can create energy for yourself with solar panels and other alternative methods. Using these methods can play a significant role in reducing energy consumption.

Introduce environmentally friendly manufacturing with zenon


Manufacturers have relied on COPA-DATA for over three decades in the industry. The professionals at COPA-DATA work continuously to improve zenon and its features while maintaining the required logic and algorithms. Contact our team today to learn more about zenon.