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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories advances to Qualified Partner

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), the global leader in energy engineering services, strengthens partnership with COPA-DATA in providing even better automation solutions to North American customers.


SEL joined the COPA-DATA Partner Community in 2017. The leading integrator has trusted zenon to deliver secure, reliable, and efficient substation projects to utility and industrial customers, with more than 50 installations of varying sizes in North Amerca. Entering the fifth year of collaboration, SEL looks to expand zenon’s SCADA capabilities in more upcoming power management applications.



SEL Advances to COPA-DATA Qualified Partner


“We look forward to expanding our services using zenon SCADA solutions as a visualization front end of our state-of-the-art electrical power management and control systems, “ says Niraj Shah, Branch Manager of Special Project System at SEL Engineering Services. “With features such as built-in SCADA server redundancy, support of major power system protocols, sequence-of-events reporting features, and many other powerful options, the zenon SCADA solution is the perfect match for us.”


To learn more about the COPA-DATA and SEL collaboration on substation automation, read the case study here.


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